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Never Talk To Another Vendor.

Never Struggle With Your Website.

Never Overpay For Online Advertising.


About Me

After nearly a decade on the lot and behind the sales desk, I transitioned to the world of third party automotive and web design. Now, I am on a mission to help give dealers more time by managing their vendor relationships, more car deals by improving their website, and more money by leveraging our network to negotiate vendor agreements. I help car guys (and gals) because I am a car guy. 

Jared H.


Why Choose Us

Real Dealership Experience

Don't let someone who has never sold a car tell you how to sell your cars. Rely on someone who has actually penciled a deal.

$1 Million+ Advertising

Negotiate vendor agreements with someone who has sold over one million dollars in online dealership advertising. If you aren't negotiating your vendor agreements, you are overpaying.

Independent Dealer Specialist

I only work with independent dealers because that's who needs me the most.

Nerd For Hire

Online advertising, digital retailing, and social media can be confusing, but I can help.


Satisfied Customers

Quotation Mark

What makes Jared a very valuable resource to any organization is his ability to objectively assess situations, and effectively and logically communicate and suggest solutions. He has exceptional research skills, and exudes total confidence in the quality and the timely execution of a task he is given.

John Y.

SFG Auto

Quotation Mark

"I just needed someone to show me how to do this stuff and Jared can do it."

Rod G.

West Auto Sales

Quotation Mark

"Jared was great to work with, very professional and courteous. He has a great sense and business acumen of the customer client relationship and is very concise in his requests and direction and is attentive to his client's needs."

Dave L.

General Motors Club

Free Website Review

If you aren't selling cars from your website every month, something could be wrong and you don't even know it.

Fill out the form, or call us to set up a free website review.

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